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-The best foundation a girl can wear is glowing skin-

At Blush+ we believe every face is filled with its own story and its own unique beauty. Cosmetic enhancements should do just that, enhance the beauty that is already there. Discover how Blush can help you uncover your younger, more confident self, with natural looking results.

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These treatments smooth lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. There are many forms of relaxers, and they are an excellent prevention of wrinkles to the upper face if started early and maintained over time.  However, it's better to be late to the party then to have never arrived.



Fillers are fun! They instantly add the perfect plump. Fillers are used to replace volume loss, soften deep folds and restore volume to areas like the under eyes, cheeks and the most fun of all lips & the lip border. Afterall, lips are the most sensual organ we are allowed to expose.

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PRP is a facial rejuvenation, also known as vampire facial. When the platelets in the plasma are concentrated, magic happens. PRP increases collagen production and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. To reap even more benefits, pair with Micro-needling and this is can lead you to the fountain of youth.

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Peels and skin care renew the skins surface by removing the dead skin cells and debris to expose the smoother, more youthful skin cells. This leads to a brighter, more even toned, glowing complexion with less pigmentation spots. Because... the best foundation you can wear, is glowing healthy skin.

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